About Us

We are DISCOUNT homebuyers. That means that our offers will be for less than retail value. Sellers receive retail value when their properties are in excellent condition or all repairs are already made, and they sell the property in the open market, usually through a realtor. This procedure generally requires more time and will result in option periods, buyer’s repair lists, realtor fees and closing costs.

Generally, sellers will net more if they can sell their property at retail to someone who will purchase it for them and their family to live in. Our services are most suitable for properties that are not in the best condition or need updating, or the seller needs to move more quickly than the retail transaction traditionally takes. There is also risk in making repairs to sell at retail. Our method relieves the seller of the factors of RISK and TIME required to sell properties at retail.

Our procedure is different in three significant ways:

1)  We buy the property AS IT IS. We will not ask for or require any repairs, or even any cleanup on the seller’s behalf. The seller takes what he wants from the property and leaves the rest, including any unwanted items and trash;
2)  We pay CASH. We have no requirements for approval by a mortgage lender as our funds are already arranged for or are on hand; and
3)  We can close FAST. Our normal closings are about 21 days after the contract is delivered to the title company. We can close even faster when necessary. And always, we will work with the seller to close at the seller’s most opportune time, even if the closing is several months in the future.

All transactions will be handled by our TITLE COMPANY. The title company insures the transaction for both buyer and seller, and handles all monies and legal obligations. All documents are properly filed and recorded with the appropriate county clerk’s office. At closing, all liens and obligations against the property will be settled. The seller receives the balance of the sales price. When the seller leaves the title company, he can rest assured that all obligations on his behalf are completed.

Our Reasons For Trying Harder Than The Rest

We work harder than others to help home buyers for multiple reasons. To begin with, we want to help but this isn’t our only reason.

We want you to tell your friends about the positive experiences you have had with us. Whether we were able to make money or just a new friend we know that you will pass on the information about your experiences with us so that your friends will come to us when they have real estate needs. We buy homes in the MetroPlex and sell them too so we depend on word of mouth to keep our company making money and helping people just like you.

Prestige Texas Properties is a small company that has worked hard to build a network of contractors, home renovators, lending institutions, and friends like you who deal in the housing market. We work hard to please all our clients making sure that whenever you have real estate needs you will always come back to us to fill those needs.

Our company is small but effective. We deliver on our promises. Give us a try and you’ll see!
Contact us (972) 242-4442 or Toll Free at (855) 883-9593.