Did We Reach Out to You?

If we have reached out to you – Our information about your situation comes from public records. We mail to selected people we believe we may be able to assist based on the information provided through those public sources. We reach out to you in hopes that you see a benefit to visit our website or to contact us directly. Our consultations are always FREE. Obviously, we don’t know your individual situation, or your goal for addressing where you stand. We NEVER share contact information with anyone else, and we will not continue to attempt contact if you don't want to hear from us.

Check out our sections devoted to your particular situation!

If you received:

Probate Case Letter – Many estates don’t require probating, and it doesn’t depend on the size of the estate. We wish we could have reached you before you started, but we haven’t yet developed a way to identify those situations ahead of court filing.

Now that they are opened, there are certain things we can tell you about your particular situation, and offer advice about how to proceed in the most efficient and inexpensive way. Yes, we are most interested in those estates that contain real estate, but our consultations can be useful in many other cases.

There is always more than one way to proceed in these situations. IF you wonder whether there might be an approach different than the one suggested by your attorney or advisor, give us a call. At the very least, you can get another viewpoint for consideration.

Loan/HOA Foreclosure Postcard – If you received this mailing, time is NOT your friend. You are scheduled for a sale on the courthouse steps very soon. How we can assist depends on your individual goals. Check out our section devoted to your predicament and call if we can answer any questions or elaborate further.

Tax Foreclosure – Like the other foreclosure scenario, you are facing a sale by the county sheriff very soon. Once the wheels of tax sale are in motion, there are generally very few ways to keep it from happening. One is to pay what you owe. Another is to sell the property before the sale.

But unlike the loan foreclosure process, tax sale properties in Texas can be redeemed – that is, bought back by the owner – for a period of time. We have devised a method of the state’s procedure to enable you to do the same at a lower cost to you. Call us for details before it’s too late!

This needs to be said. Despite the existence of a valid will, not every estate needs to go through the probate process! There are a number of factors that determine the best course of action. If you have any questions about the best course of action for your situation, give us a call. We will provide our best information free of charge.