A Foreclosure Story

Rusty Kasmiersky Real Estate Dallas

Once we were fortunate to contact a family who found themselves in the throes of foreclosure. We called and they were kind enough to let us come to speak to them and to look at their property. When we went there, they were preparing to move out. Everything they had was in boxes.

There were going to leave without even trying to recover any of their equity, which was significant. The equity belonged to them. It was THEIR MONEY!

This happening isn’t uncommon. Foreclosure is a frustrating procedure. The lender is difficult to deal with. There seems to be nowhere for the homeowner to turn. But there are options for every homeowner. And, having likely never gone through the process before, most homeowners just don’t know the approach that is best for them.

Homeowners who find themselves in this situation need good advice. That is what we would like to provide for those who would like to hear some of their options. We’ve helped numerous families in a number of ways.

Back to the family we visited — we were able to purchase their house. Their credit was spared a foreclosure, and from nothing they put over $17,000 in their pockets on the way out.

Make the call. Explore the options. Don’t give up, and DON’T JUST WALK OUT.