Try a Little Harder to Help Yourself

Rusty Kasmiersky Real Estate Dallas

Every month we see a number of houses that are under foreclosure and have been vacated by their owners. That would indicate a surrender to what these people must consider to be an inevitable event. Yes, hopefully they have exhausted every conceivable avenue to remedy their situation. And if they have, sometimes giving up would seem like the only way out.

If that situation presents itself, perhaps the assistance of a professional would help. There are people out there who will give you an honest opinion of your situation and can present alternatives that maybe hadn’t yet been considered. Give it another try. Don’t move out. If the lender discovers a vacant property, they may move to secure their investment. That means locking the property with their own locks and keys. If that happens, access is lost to the homeowner who, for the moment, still owns the property and is responsible for it.

Give us a call. We’d be happy to tell you what we think, and what we may be able to suggest in your situation. There is no charge for our services. Ever.